European Fruit Exhibition

October 28, 29 in LA ROCHELLE (France)

Free Admission

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What is EUROPOM?

EUROPOM is an annual exhibition of traditional and local fruit varieties which grow in Europe. Each participating country will display samples of their most distinctive fruit, enabling visitors to discover the diversity of our European fruit heritage.

More than 2,000 varieties of apples, pears and other fruit of all colours and tastes, created and refined over centuries of arboricultural practice, will be displayed on 70 stands at EUROPOM 2023.

Please join us in La Rochelle on the last weekend of October for a festive event where « Les Croqueurs de pommes » (« the apple munchers ») and their French and European partners will share with you their passion for fruit and biodiversity enhancement.

Pommes variété ancienne

Safeguarding fruit diversity

The French association « Les Croqueurs de pommes » have made it their mission to research, identify, graft and save endangered fruit varieties. We started to act in favour of biodiversity conservation and enhancement as early as 1978. Today, we maintain several hundred thousand trees in our conservation orchards and private gardens.

In 2018, France authorized the free marketing of plants for individuals, thus allowing everyone to rediscover old varieties, often much tastier than those sold in supermarkets. There won’t be any trees for sale at EUROPOM 2023, but you will see the fruit.

Stand Europom 2023

Discover the world of pomology and the flavors of our ancient fruits

EUROPOM 2023 will be an opportunity to meet our teams of volunteers, who will share with you their knowledge of heritage fruit varieties. You will also discover how the fruit is grown, preserved and eaten in the various regions of France and Europe and how best practices are shared in the local communities. Most importantly, you will see the fruit and meet the people who care for and devote time to safeguard this unique biodiverse heritage!

There will also be free access to conferences on fruit heritage conservation and enhancement (in French):

Saturday 28 October:
10:30 Presentation of the Territorial Food Project of the La Rochelle Urban Community, Aunis Atlantique, Aunis Sud and Île de Ré
14:00 Soil life in our orchards by Jean-Pierre SCHERER, botanist and agronomist, author of the book ‘The eyes of the swallow’
16:00 Functional biodiversity in the orchard by Michel LE COCQ, author of the book ‘My amateur orchard’

Sunday 29 October:
11:00 Fruit heritage and genetics by Caroline DENANCE, INRAE and Yves BARBIER, Croqueurs de pommes
14:00 The role of auxiliaries in the kitchen garden, impact of climate change by Vincent ALBOUY, naturalist and author of the book ‘Auxiliaries in the garden’
16:00 Aquitaine’s fruit heritage by Evelyne LETERME, consultant and trainer in agro-ecological fruit arboriculture

Carte Croqueur de pommme Europom 2023

« Les Croqueurs de pommes »

In February 1978, faced with a devastating natural disaster, Jean-Louis CHOISEL, passionate about arboriculture and the son of gardeners, took the initiative to create the Croqueurs de pommes. The association, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, is now composed of 63 local associations covering more than 4/5 of France. Beyond maintaining several hundred thousand trees in our conservation orchards and private gardens, we offer free training on arboriculture techniques. Our technical publications and our fruit collections contribute to the preservation and transmission of this fruit heritage. We also work on the genetic tracing of thousands of fruit varieties with INRAE, the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, and contribute to various initiatives such as the inclusion of the art of the espalier, the art of forming and pruning fruit trees, in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Our 8500-member strong association of amateur volunteers will be honoured to meet you at EUROPOM 2023. Fourty two of our local associations will be present. Come and see us in La Rochelle!

Carte Croqueur de pommme Europom 2023
Czech team - Europom 2018

Our European partners

Left: the logo of the Swedish pomological society who organised Europom 2022 in Sweden, and a picture of the Czech team at EUROPOM 2018 in Troyes, France.

Other European partners who will exhibit at Europom 2023:

Nationale Boomgardenstichting (national orchard foundation), Belgium
Natur&ëmwelt – Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur (foundation for the protection of nature), Luxembourg
Fructus (association for the safeguarding of fruit heritage), Switzerland
Pomologisch Genootschap Limburg (Limburg’s pomological society), The Netherlands
NPV (Northern association of pomologists), The Netherlands
Pomologen Verein EV (association of pomologists), Germany
Hochstaam Deutschland (promoting European orchard day), Germany
ARGE Streuobst (arboriculturist society), Austria
ObstSOrtenGarten Ohlsdorf (heritage fruit display garden), Austria
Český svaz ochránců přírody (Czech gardening association), Czech Republic 


Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023, 9am to 7pm. Free admission


La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast of France, close to the old town and its harbour

Exhibition address :

Quai Louis Prunier
17000 La Rochelle FRANCE

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